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#4 Never Stop Learning With Prof. Claudia Peus

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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“As a leader you have to really know what you stand for. Find out what you really care about, and then choose that as your career path.” For Professor Claudia Peus at the Technical University of Munich, finding that path is a lifelong journey - and it involves a lifetime of learning.

Education has gone from being something that we did at school and university, before our career had even started, to being part of life. If anything has shown us that we need to be open to embracing new knowledge and skills all the time, it's the global pandemic that we're all collectively experiencing. Almost all our jobs and workplaces have changed; even more so for those of us juggling working from home with parenting.

In the latest episode of our MyCollective Podcast "Get Inspired”, Professor Peus and our founder Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier talk about why the shift away from linear education and linear careers is both natural and necessary. After all, as humans we are constantly learning new things. As women, it’s time we recognized and celebrated the added skillsets that parenthood has given us - but Peus also has interesting some tips for professional competencies that we might want to brush up on, especially as women.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Professor of Research and Science Management at the Technical University Munich, Executive Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity, and founder of the TUM Institute for Life Long Learning

Interviewer: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier - Founder @MyCollective

Music: sponsored by @Michaelkadelbach

Picture: Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus / TUM

Graphic & Production: MyCollective

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