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transforming the sentiment around parental leave as a "career downer" to a "career booster" requires the active collaboration of parents and companies, fostering a supportive environment for work-life integration and parental well-being.

for companies  

we support companies to improve their parental leave approach for a more parent friendly culture

for parents  

we convert parenting
skills into business skills

Working from Home

rethink parental leave
for parental leavers 

we offer two app based programmes for parental leavers.
We support ALL employees during parental leave for a smooth return to the career track. For parents with leadership responsibilities or ambitions we offer a 1:1 leadership programme
with specialized coaches.



all in one app

Business Meeting

rethink parental leave
for companies

we support companies to stay in contact with parents

and enable a smooth reentry for parental leavers. Together with your leaders and HR we work on strategies to change the narrative of parental leave across your entire company. 

improving parental leave processes


company journey

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