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Are you about to embark on the exciting journey of parenthood or currently on parental leave?


First of all: Congratulations!

Becoming a parent is life changing in many ways. The transition into parenthood, including taking parental leave, can be both thrilling and challenging. You might find yourself asking the following questions:

Will I be able to handle both - family and job?

What happens to my career now?

Are there any tools out there to help me in that phase of my life?

How have others managed it?

We at MyCollective firmly believe that parental leave is not an obstacle to your career, but quite the opposite - it can be a career booster if you know how to navigate it correctly.

We will show you how to do it!

We take care of you during your parental leave

Be connected to parental leavers across the industry

Exchange with likeminded parents

Be empowered by converting parenting skills into professional skills

Discover a new skill set 

Be inspired by the power of role models 
& a strong community

Figure out what works for you

Want to know more about our programme? 
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our programmes

Mother and Daughter Yoga

What can I expect?


Career Strategy

  • Develop a personalized career strategy, ensuring you can make the most of your time during and after parenthood

  • Expect to enhance your professional skills through coachings tailored training sessions and workshops

  • Connect with like-minded parents and industry experts, expanding your professional network


Confidence Boost

  • Leave the program with increased self-confidence, ready to tackle career challenges with a positive mindset

  • Reflect on your goals and values and come back stronger from your parental leave

  • Gain fresh perspectives on your career paths and the possibilities ahead through inspiring guest speakers


Life Stability

  • Figure out a care-model, work-model and mental-load-model that works for you and your family

  • Become part of a supportive community of parents navigating similar life phases, providing a valuable network of peers

  • Leave with the tools and knowledge to achieve a better work-life balance, optimizing your overall well-being

Customer voices

“MyCollective is simply said a booster: You start as a hormon drunk but sleep deprived fresh mom and end as a societal change maker. If you’ve been a change maker already, even better: MyCollective gifts you inspirational role models, allies, sisters, smart working moms: like-minded women to conquer the world with.”

Sustainability Spokesperson, Volkswagen AG

We want to get to know you personally!

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