We are taking female future leaders 
on a journey during parental leave 
back on the career track.



We connect high potentials across the industry
Our Leadership Program takes place during parental leave, because this is the critical decision making time where women decide if they want to go for kids & job or kids & career.  It's also the time when companies loose most of their female talent.


We convert parenting skills into leadership skills 

We have developed a matrix that combines parenting and leadership skills and developed a modular training program that is tailored for the period of parental leave, where time is limited and the need for inspiration and connection is high. 


We inspire through regular impulses & run a start-up mentoring program

We invite external speaker to discuss with us in our weekly impulse sessions ranging from academic inputs to voices from the industry. 
We also match our participants as pro bono mentors to early stage start-ups in the impact field for them to take the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the start-up scene back to their corporate environment. 

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Why during Parental Leave? 

A Women's Perspective -

It‘s Decision Time

Romy Erhardt, Airbus

“This program comes at the perfect time and gives you valuable insight about your own preferences and the possibilities to act on those- while you are at a very important decision point of your career.”

Esther Kastauer, Danone 

"MyCollective became an integral part 

of my parental leave. 

It allows me to be in exchange with experts and other mothers on business topics as well as to upgrade my skill set. It’s a chance to be connected to the business world despite taking a leave."

Veronika Wandel, Airbus 

„MyCollective came into my life at the right time - the inspiring impulses, training modules and regular exchanges between like-minded peers are resonating with me in these special times. More important, I am learning that being a mother is shaping and strengthening my leadership personality”

Why during Parental Leave?  

- A Company‘s Perspective -

We focus on top female talents during family creation time

 to keep them on the career track

Stefanie Rothweiler, Danone 

“The trainings are fantastic, exactly tailored to our needs and really hit the nail on the head – in terms of format as well as content. 

In the combination with an extensive exchange among peers, each interaction takes me a step forward." 

Kathrin Seris, Airbus
“MyCollective is more than “just” a network of successful and strong women who manage to juggle it both – family and a career. 

It’s a chance for all women in our generation to be an inspiration and a role model in terms of managing both – a family and a career. " 

Elena Kammann, Airbus

“The trainings, the discussions in the impulses and most importantly the other members were a constant source of inspiration during my parental leave and return into my job.” 


by Natascha Zeljko
Converting Parenting Skills Into Leadership Skills: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier hat mit „MyCollective“ ein innovatives Programm für Mütter in der Elternzeit entwickelt. Ihr gelingt das Kunststück, dass die Frauen gestärkt aus dieser Phase zurückkehren in die Unternehmen



Die Elternzeit gilt als eine der kritischsten Phasen im Erwerbsleben von Frauen, weil viele Frauen ihre einst ambitionierten Karrierepläne aufgeben, sobald sie eine Familie gegründet haben. Ricarda Engelmeier hat mit MyCollective ein Entwicklungsprogramm für weibliche Führungskräfte in der Elternzeit ins Leben gerufen. Im Interview spricht sie u.a. darüber, warum Eltern-Kompetenzen auch für Unternehmen wertvoll sind.


Während die einen die Entschleunigung in der Elternzeit genießen, empfinden andere die Zeit mit einem Kleinkind zwar als schön, aber intellektuell oft nicht befriedigend - insbesondere dann, wenn sie zuvor viel Energie in ihre Karriere investiert und sich stark mit ihrem Job identifiziert haben. Dieses Ungleichgewicht nagt häufig am Selbstwertgefühl vieler Mütter, wie eine Studie der Universität Tilburg ergab. Eine Untersuchung des Bundesfamilienministeriums zufolge geben 70 Prozent der Mütter, die innerhalb eines Jahres in den Beruf zurückkehren, an, die aus Gründen des Selbstwertgefühls getan zu haben.