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A very special edition of ‘Working Women’

This is the last issue of what for us has been an iconic magazine to hit newsstands before Emotion Verlag hands over to its new owners. And while I was hugely relieved to read that the magazine would still be published with Dr. Katarzyna (Kasia) Mol-Wolf as its editor, it meant so much to me to be featured in the last edition that was still fully hers.

Thank you to Kasia and Julia Möhn for producing a magazine that has inspired us for years, and that always featured people who were actively doing things for diversity, not just talking about it. So it was a real honour for me to be interviewed about MyCollective and how we are supporting new parents who love their careers and want to make both family and career work - and to be featured alongside Dr. Nina Gillmann, Sonja Eberhardt, Heidi Stamer, Anja Weusthoff, Juliane Schreiber and Julia Kahle, all of whose work I greatly admire.

Do get your hands on this latest edition of Working Women and let me know what you think!

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