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#41 Leading Mothers: the power of parenting with Anette Lippert

Parenting skills are leadership skills – this has long been a mantra of ours at MyCollective.

So it was fantastic to meet someone as like-minded as Anette Lippert when she spoke to me in preparation for her new book, “Leading Mothers.” It’s a brilliant read which reminds us why it’s so important to not just recognise the management skillset that we learn as we parent our children – but also verbalise it in a business context.

"The importance for me was to see how you can transfer the things that you’ve learned at home into the environment of business," she explains in our latest podcast. “If you want to find out that someone can do crisis management because it’s necessary for the job, you ask them for examples. Now why not use an example from motherhood? You have to put it into business language, but you know that language from your business experience."

There are plenty of examples of how to do this; Anette describes how breaking up an argument between toddlers in a sandpit trained her to resolve conflicts in meetings – how her family calendar taught her to plan projects better – and how talking to her child improved her communication at work, because “your child is an ever-changing target group, with different skillsets and different interests, so you learn to listen, to adapt and to appreciate diversity at work and in your teams.”

One way to verbalise those skills is to put them on your CV. “When I was on parental leave, I put that in as Senior Leadership Role at Home, and then listed the skills I learned underneath,” she says.

Time to brush up our CVs, I think!

Anettes book is out now –

and you can listen to her podcast here:

Speaker: Anette Lippert – Author and SpeakerHost: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier – Founder MyCollective

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