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#34 THE VALUE OF MOTHERS - why it’s time for a new perspective, with Anne Theiss 

Updated: Jan 3

Anne Theiss wrote a book while she was pregnant with and then nursing her baby - her new novel, “Die Abwertung der Mütter - Wie überholte Familienpolitik uns den Wohlstand kostet” (The Devaluation of Mothers - How outdated family policies are costing us our prosperity) hit bookstores this September. But she was a very different parent to her older child. “My daughter has a cognitive handicap,” she explains in this podcast. “So I went very quickly to - I am the most important person for the child. No one even asked if I want I go back to work anymore, or what my wishes are. I had to be there for my child.” That social pressure on women to be the number one parent and stay at home remains widespread in Germany, argues Theiss. “The socialisation is so strong to be at home, to be as a woman with your child - we are often quite insecure whether going back to work as the right thing,” she says. That comes as a huge cost. It robs companies of highly skilled labour - and the country of a vital sector of its workforce. “It’s a really strange thing,” she says, “because in Germany we are so proud of our innovation, but when it comes to mothers, we totally forget the potential.” Change needs to come at every level, from us as individuals, to companies, to politics. So she suggests not one, but three calls to action: 👉 individuals: “Do whatever you like, and go for it!” Remember that by making that choice, you will be a role model and inspiration to other young women too. 👉 companies: Communicate. Don’t just say that you’re parent-friendly, but really talk to the mothers in your company, both before and after they’ve given birth. 👉 politics: Invest in the daycare system! (And if that means eradicating Ehegattensplitting - or joint taxation for anyone outside Germany - then so be it…) Another highlight for me was being able to attend Anne’s book launch and hearing her mention @MyCollective as one of the drivers of positive change. Let’s make the world better together 🥰💪 You can listen to our full conversation here: Spotify: Youtube: Speaker: @Anne Theiss - Author & Speaker @Burda Media Interviewer: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier - Founder @MyCollective Photo: Tom Ziora #getinspired #podcast #inspiration #MyCollective #leadership #motherhood #parenthood #communication #changemakers #getinspiredpodcast #ImpulseSessions#parentalleave #elternzeit

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