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HerCareer: Finding friends at the epicenter of gender diversity

It was so much fun to be back at herCAREER last week — it’s so much more than the careers fair that it’s billed to be, thanks to founder Natascha Hoffner's incredible ability to pull in people from lots of different sectors, making it a true epicentre for gender diversity. 

While you would think that a 2-day fair might leave you tired & with blisters on your feet, meeting so many like-minded co-activists and friends actually filled me with fresh inspiration and energy. 

I met too many wonderful people to mention all of you here, but I do want to send a shout out to Volker Baisch, who through conpadres has been working for years to bring fathers into the fold (maybe one day it will be his’n’herCareer 😉) - to Johanna Fink, whose podcast “Führen in Teilzeit” (“Leading Part-time”) has done so much to change perceptions around working parents and leadership - and to Sandra Westermann, whose agency Superheldin GmbH actively solves both gender equality and the lack of skilled labour 🙌 You are my superheroes 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🏻‍♂️

I also loved that we met so many new people who came to talk to us - a big thank you to everyone that did, for your ideas and input and questions. Every conversation that we had was so valuable and a huge inspiration to us moving forward. 

Looking forward to continuing those conversations! 

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