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Powerhouse: Getting top female leaders together is the absolute energy booster  

Updated: Mar 15

… this was my experience at MMK24 (Münchner Management Kolloquium) this week, where we had a fantastic lineup of top C-Level speakers, spanning all industries from automotive to energy to pharma to media and tech. Brilliant, inspirational women with fantastic careers didn’t just speak on the main stage, but also in discussions on panels, in workshops with students, and last but not least, at our wonderful Women Industry lunch at the Münchner Management Kolloquium earlier this week.

It fits in well with this year’s theme for International Women’s Day : “Inspire Inclusion” - and my own mission to see more female leaders in all our industries. Why? Because I think that the trickle-down-effect of having women represented at all leadership levels will change the world for the better - and now! This isn’t just something that I want for my 7-year-old daughter when she grows up, it’s something that I hope to see changed right away.

That’s why I’m so committed to the work that we do at MyCollective, because by working with people who have just had a baby and also still want a career, we ensure that more women come back into the pipeline across multiple industries after they’ve started families. It’s also why I joined the Münchner Management Kolloquium - Germany’s biggest management conference - because I wanted to see more C-level women on stage. MMK is held at one of Munich’s leading universities and always has lots of students in attendance, so it’s important to me that they see what’s possible.

I specifically loved merging the#MyCollective community and the #MMK community and want to send a special thanks to all the fantastic power women who joined us at#MMK24.

But wonderful as all this is, it sadly still isn’t the norm across the board. A graphic posted by Beyond Gender Agenda last week reminded us that even though women make up more than half of the population and nearly 47% of the workforce, less than 30% of managers are women - and that percentage drops right down to 2.5% if you’re looking at CEO-level positions in the top 40 DAX-listed companies in Germany.

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