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Every child needs a future

That’s the topic of this year’s Children’s Day. It got us thinking at MyCollective how we as a team - and also as a collective of parents with the diversity of talent that we have in our network - can contribute to a better future for our children.

The UN provide a framework to do this in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals so - with a difficult future ahead - we’ve been thinking about some of the goals that we as a community could potentially contribute to.

⚥ SDG 5 Gender equality - be a role model!

Studies have shown that daughters of working moms are more likely to be professionally successful and financially independent - and sons of working moms are more likely to be active parents.

⚙ SDG 9 Innovation & Industry - be a change maker!

Many of our parents in our network are top talents in industrial fields, and are driving change not only in their families but also their decisions at a corporate level.

︎♻ SDG 12: Responsible Consumption - make sustainable choices!

It can be hard to resist bulk-buying before the baby comes without thinking too hard about where those products come from. But those choices add up, especially when we all make them. Through our purchases, we can support the kind of businesses that we want to see more of. The less we consume, the less pressure we put on our natural systems.

🌍 SDG 13: Climate Action - take action to protect our planet!

Raising awareness, raising our children in that awareness, and supporting them when they take climate action. That’s why it was so important to Fiorella DankerKatharina Heuer and Marianne Kreissig from our MyCollective team to join the hashtag#ClimateStrike last Friday, both as a team, and with their families

💛 Thank you Salome Rahel Fritz for the beautiful pictures.

Are there any other SDGs that we could be contributing to?

Here’s to a better future for our children.

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