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A conversation with TwentyThirty Magazine about the secret superpower of parents

You all know that I believe that parents can change the world ✊ The experience of parenting makes us great managers, delegators, empaths, organisers and storytellers. And parents who go back to work return with a different perspective and often end up making changes at work from the inside, changing cultures for everyone.

It was such a privilege to be able to talk about this - and about the story of how @MyCollective came to be - with @TwentyThirty Magazine, which is published by the @BMW Foundation. For me, it was also a return to our roots.

The Foundation has nominated 2300 people in 100 countries around the world to be part of their #Responsible Leaders Network, and I’m incredibly proud to be one of them. I joined the network just after the birth of our third child - I was still on parental leave and testing the idea of MyCollective in various focus groups. The exchange with some of these responsible leaders and the advice of these change makers who consciously make an impact gave me the strength to make MyCollective a reality. I should mention @Frank Niederländer and @Sabrina Kuschel for your support in the foundational days and to have our first kick off meeting at your beautiful space on the Praterinsel - as well as @Rosina Gasteiger who introduced us to the @BMW group where we are now running a pilot with some fantastic talents.

Last but not least, the continued exchange within the Responsible Leaders Network remains a huge inspiration and source of strength for me.

The link to the article is here: - thank you to journalist @Maja Heinrich for helping me to tell our story.

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