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AOK Gesundes Unternehmen Magazin: Das Potential der Elternzeit

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Seeing time out as an opportunity and making the most of parental leave & sabbaticals

How we work is changing. For employers, that means adjusting not just to more flexible working models, but also to the fact that more and more people are taking time off work - whether it’s to take a sabbatical, to take care of a loved one, or to go on parental leave, which increasingly affects men as well as women.

This latest issue of @AOK "Gesundes Unternehmen” (“healthy business”) magazine is worth downloading for anyone who’s affected by this (I’ll share the link.) It’s full of great ideas for things that we can do as businesses & as bosses - and how we can make the most of time away from work as employers. It meant so much to me that they included @MyCollective in this issue and talked to me about how we support people during their parental leave - including converting their new #parentingskills into #leadershipskills 💪🍼

Have you taken time away from work, were you able to make the most of it and how? or what do you wish you’d have done in retrospect?

And how has your business adjusted to new work, flexible work and more people needing to take some time away? Do you see it as a positive trend?

Thank you to Jochen Brenner for making this interview possible and to Phillip Hedemann for asking the questions 🙏

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