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WirtschaftsWoche - does parenthood damage your career?

Did your career suffer when you became a parent? At MyCollective we are convinced it doesn’t need to - and this week, our approach was featured in the WirtschaftsWoche together with Anne Jensen, one of our fantastic alumni from Airbus, mother of 3 💪

Here is a link to Anne’s story:

and our approach at MyCollective, connecting parental leavers with role models; helping them stay in touch with their employer to have a smooth return post parental leave; and showing them how they can use the parental skills that they’re learning as parents as leadership skills back at work.

I’d love it if you let me know what you think - whether we’re missing anything - what you did in your own career and what you want employers to do more of - please share your ideas and inspiration!💡

Thanks to journalist Pauline Schinkels for helping to tell our story 🙏

This post was originally published here -


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