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Unlock practical insights and see what leaders recommend: How to build a diverse company that people want to work for

MyCollective invited DEI changemakers and partners in crime to a roundtable discussion at #MMK24 for a deep dive into the essence of creating an inclusive company culture.

In an era marked by a critical shortage of skilled labor, embracing diversity isn't a choice; it's a necessity. And we need all hands on deck. In the spirit of this year's Münchner Management Kolloquiums theme, "Stronger Together," leaders from the MyCollective community shared their invaluable learnings and hacks for fostering an inclusive workplace.

Featuring insights from our panelistsMisel Ahom (HRVP DE&I and Talent Acquisition at Beiersdorf), Dr. Katharina Herrmann (Executive Board at Burda), Bettina Dietsche (Chief People & Culture Officer at Allianz) and Dr. Irène Y. Kilubi (Entrepreneur and Speaker) as well as Esra Aydin (Sustainability Spokesperson at Volkswagen), Nicole Dreyer-Langlet (VP Research & Technology Germany, Member of Executive Board at Airbus Operations), Elke Heitmüller (Ex-Head of D&I Volkswagen, Speaker & Entrepreneur).


  • Integrate Community Thinking in Recruitment: Start building and supporting communities from the recruitment phase to foster a culture where diversity is celebrated and a safe space is established for all. - Misel Ahom, Beiersdorf

  • Cultivate Generational Diversity: Leverage the strengths of diverse age groups to foster innovation and mutual learning. - Bettina Dietsche, Allianz

  • Adapt to Employees as You Do Customers: Recognize that just as businesses adapt to changing customer needs, they must similarly evolve to meet the dynamic needs of their employees. This realization is crucial yet often overlooked. - Dr. Katharina Herrmann, Burda

  • Re-engage Part-Time Parents: Specifically target parents, often mothers, stuck in part-time roles post-parental leave, and provide pathways to reactivate their career trajectories. - Misel Ahom, Beiersdorf

  • Encourage Personal Journey Sharing: Empower employees to speak publicly about their own career paths, in addition to their experiences, to inspire, empower, and attract talent. - Dr. Irène Kilubi 

Further Insights:

  • Navigating Internal Resistance: Tackle internal pushback against women-focused campaigns by starting with a broader, more inclusive approach, while still managing to highlight women effectively. - Esra Aydin, Volkswagen

  • Mentor & Elevate: Spotlight on the importance of everyone playing a role in encouraging and supporting others to explore new paths. The essence is a call to action for active mutual support. - Nicole Dreyer-Langlet, Airbus

  • Strategize Change with Consciousness of Personal Dynamics: Successful change management requires a keen understanding of how it impacts individual life models and success definitions. Lack of such consciousness can lead to unintended challenges to these personal paradigms, sparking resistance. - Elke Heitmüller, Former Head of D&I Volkswagen 

“Find your groups, get connected, become a mass movement,” Dr. Herrmann said as her takeaway at the end of the session. “And then - change it. Change it from within.”

Wished you could have joined the discussion live? Interested in engaging with leaders like these? Or it might be of interest to integrate one of our key notes e.g. in your activities planned for European Diversity Month in May? Reach out to connect and dive deeper into conversation!

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