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Parental leave is still a career dealbreaker?

This is crazy, We just can’t afford to keep losing parents in the workplace when skilled labour is already so scarce. These figures were published last week and they speak volumes:

👉 85% of fathers return to their original posts after parental leave - but only 50% of mothers do.

👉 33% of mothers don’t even return to their place of employment.

👉 75% of mothers will reduce their working hours, compared to just 17% of fathers.

And this in a society which is supposedly fair and equal…

So - this is a call for collective action! 📣

🙌 Let’s lobby our representatives for better childcare options. 

🙌 Let’s normalise parental leave for fathers as much as for mothers. 

🙌 Let’s support each other in our relationships so that we can all balance parenting our kids with the rewards of a career. 

And those of us who manage people or run companies - let’s encourage our talents to come back after they’ve had kids! We can’t carry on like this - not just because we can’t afford to as a society, but because people should be able to have children without it being the death-knell on potentially glittering careers. 

Surely it’s possible to do both?? Let’s change the narrative together! 

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