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How parenting can make us better leaders

Last week, BurdaForward invited me to be their first ever guest at #CultureCocktail - a talk circle where it’s not so much about drinking cocktails 🍹as it is about exploring diversity, wellbeing and redefining success in our business culture ❤️

The topic that we launched this series with was #ParentalSkills - and how the things that we learn parenting our babies also make us better leaders and team-players. We also talked about the importance of #SpeakingUp about #ParentalLeave - whether you’re an employer, a parental leaver, or a colleague:

⭐️ New parents: talk about your parental leave before you go; integrate it into your career plan. And stay in touch with your team and your manager during your parental leave. Set a reminder on your phone and send a message to check in from time to time to see how everyone’s doing.

⭐️ Managers: stay in touch with your parental leavers! Send a personal message. Ask how they are. Update them if important stuff is happening at work - they’re going to want to know, and they likely won’t mind the intrusion.

⭐️ Managers and teams: make parental leave an intrinsic part of your company culture. Understand its role in providing work-life balance and wellbeing to team-members - and in broadening their skill-set, by building empathy, adaptability and efficiency. Parenthood is a superpower! 💪

⭐️ Everyone: understand that you become a role model for the people who come after you, whatever your choices. So make them consciously - and find your own role models within your company in the people who went before

I always love to talk about this topic, which is so close to my heart - but I especially loved the exchange that happened in this setting, allowing us all to learn and grow from each other’s experiences and opinions.

Let’s keep on sharing! 💕

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