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Who said that crafting is a mother's job and earning money is the father's?

Updated: May 13

Different generations expect different things from their work environments - which is where Lea Haep comes in. The MD at STARTUP TEENS & Gen Talents helps businesses achieve what she calls “work that works for all.”

Why is this so important right now? Well, first there’s the lack of skilled labour, which provides a strong incentive to businesses to become desirable work environments. “There are 1.5 jobs for every one person,” says Lea. “And what we also see is when people work in a work environment where they feel good, where they feel valued, they are going to perform better. So in the end, it’s a question of economics.”

The other reason is that it’s not just new parents who are asking for more flexibility at work - it’s the next generation of workers too. “They don’t want to work less, as we’ve seen in studies - but they want to work differently. For example, more flexible working hours, more flexible working spaces,” says Lea.

What does that mean for us parental leavers? The time to negotiate is now!

We’re increasingly seeing this at MyCollective too - that people returning from parental leave actually have a pretty strong negotiating position. Lea suggests that you -

👉 be brave and assertive - know that you have a strong case.

👉 Be specific about what exactly your needs are when it comes to flexible work options. “How much do I want to work, what do I exactly need as working hours - this is the basic homework that you need to do,” Lea recommends.

👉 Be a role model and look for other role models. This helps the company too, because they need role models like you. (And it’s one of many reasons why we all meet at MyCollective during our parental leave, to have this wonderful collective of role models around us 🥰)

Let us know what you think!

Photo: Farina Deutschmann

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