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An action-packed day for woman leadership - it's like meeting your Linkedin bubble in 3D

First, the Wo*Men in Leadership Convention hosted by Beiersdorf and then the German Diversity Award, meant that I got to pack two incredible events to boost female leadership into one single day 🙌 

At Wo*Men in Leadership Convention I got to run a Masterclass on converting parenting skills into leadership skills - and not just that, I got to do it with three brilliant alumnae from our MyCollective programme - Julia KossmannLouisa Lund and Kathrin Hortian. Hearing from the people who went through our programme is one of my biggest motivators, so it was really inspiring to hear what they had to say and to see them in action as role models and change-makers within their organisation. I also have to say a special thank you to Christina Braase and Misel Ahom - you are the kind of drivers of diversity that we should all aspire to be ❤️ 

The icing on the cake was the German Diversity Award hosted by Beyond Gender Agenda - a stunning gala event with really fantastic award winners - each one an inspiration.

Ann-Kristin Achleitner made a great speech, as she always does - and as she’s been a valued business mentor for MyCollective from the beginning, hearing her speak at this event felt especially meaningful for me.

Bug kudos to Beyond Gender Agenda’s founder Vicky Wagner but pulling together such a beautiful event and getting all the movers and shakers in our diversity bubble together.

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