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#7 Double Diversity & Digital Transformation with Prof. Dr. Alexandra Borchardt

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

🎧Listen & follow to our new podcast with Alexandra here and get inspired!

I’ve always been inspired by Alexandra Borchardt as a woman in leadership and a critical thinker - she’s been managing editor of leading German newspaper the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and is now a senior media consultant, Honorary Professor for Leadership and Digitalisation at Technical University of Munich School of Management and Senior Research Associate at the Thomson Reuters Institute in Oxford. So I was intrigued to hear her thoughts on the future of leadership, particularly female leadership, in our digital age.

"Diversity is at the core of digital transformation,” she told me. "Just understanding tech and tools is not enough, because what digital transformation really is, is cultural change. And that #culturalchange is often lacking because of a lack of diversity. Digital transformation is dealing with constant change. So that requires completely new leadership skills. It requires adaptability, listening… Not only by women, but by everyone."

A mother of two herself, she also has advice for #workingparents trying to balance leadership positions with parenthood: “Stop trying to be perfect!” After all, “leadership… is about improvising and dealing with what you have, and as a parent you do this all day long, because you have certain ideals, then things don’t work out the way you want them to work out, so then you adjust, you experiment.”

"You’ll never be the perfect mom. So just be yourself. Be a role model. And encourage your kids to be themselves.”



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