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#5 Changing The Narrative With Lena Stahl

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


Lena Stahl sees parenthood as a constant contradiction between holding on and letting go. Learning to let go is topic that keeps coming up for us at MyCollective too, and she’s explored it in depth in her latest film, “Mein Sohn” - or “My Son” - which won Best Production at the Munich Film Festival last year.

"In the moment that you become a mother, there’s another thing which is sort of born with the child and that’s the fear of losing it again,” Stahl explains. "It’s always there. On the other hand, as a daughter know how important it is that my mother let me go at this crucial time of your life where you have to get out and do your own thing.”

Stahl is a screenwriter and photographer as well directing movies, and a big part of her work is creating more space for female stories. “We're very used to watching movies with male leads; there are very few stories with very strong female characters,” she says. She talks about how she hopes to change this, how she and her partner juggle parenting with creative jobs - and the importance of family-team-meetings in today’s podcast.


Speaker: Lena Stahl - Director, Script Writer, Photographer

Interviewer: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier - Founder @MyCollective

Music: sponsored by @Michaelkadelbach

Photograph: Lena Stahl

Graphic & Production: MyCollective

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