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#43 PERSONAL BRANDING – become your own brand ambassador, with Dr. Irène Kilubi

For all of us who are on Linkedin and other social media, the idea of personal branding feels – let’s be honest – a little bit narcissistic. 

But - as Dr. Irène Kilubi puts it - it’s also an incredible opportunity. An industrial engineer who in another life worked for BMW, Irène now helps individuals and companies with community building and corporate influencer strategies, putting her focus on two main topics: joint generations and brandfluencing. She’s a published author, has founded a start-up, has won numerous awards and is a sought-after public speaker, so we were very lucky to have her on our podcast for this week's episode. 

She explains why developing your own brand on social media is so important: 

⭐️ For you: being clear about what you stand for and what your topics are allows you to actively drive your career into the area where you want it to go, connecting to people who share your interests and who could influence the direction of your career; 

⭐️ For your company: if you advocate for positive change, that can help your company position itself too - and they may well pick up on it to promote diversity and community themselves; 

⭐️ For everyone: even though there is an impact gap between online influence and society large, there is a trickle-down effect even outside the Linkedin bubble. Your advocacy could change the world for the better! 

Always hands-on, she also shared some important do’s and don’ts for anyone who wants to get started right away: 


👉 be mindful about choosing your topic and what you stand for; maybe link it to your personal family story or career path; 

👉 think about the target group – is it inside or outside of your company? Who do you want to reach and why? 

👉 be clear about your mission and your Why. 


👉 overshare from your private life (be personal, but private) 

👉 be too sales-y. Be yourself! 

👉 post, post, post. It should be a conversation – take time to see what other people are doing too, comment on their posts and respond to people who reach out to you. 

To listen to the full podcast with Irène, find our latest episode

Speaker: Dr. Irène Kilubi – Founder @Joint Generation / Corporate Influencer, Marketing & Strategy 

Host: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier – Founder @MyCollective

Photo: Thomas Dashuber

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