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#23 Financial Literacy - time to check your piggy bank with Astrid Zehbe

Financial Literacy - time to check your piggy bank with Astrid Zehbe

Although during your parental leave you’ll be focused on spending time with your baby, this is also an excellent time to check your finances, says Astrid Zehbe.

The journalist and mother of two has always had an interest in female finances, and she turned that into a career during her own parental leave, when she co-founded the magazine COURAGE to cover female careers, finance and wellbeing. Today, she is editor in chief at finanzielle Magazin, a finance magazine for women published by Emotion Verlag GmbH.

In this podcast, she shares a wealth of knowledge and advice on things that we can do now - particularly if we are on parental leave - to ensure that we are financially independent later in life. Parental leave is a great time to do this for two reasons (and it’s not because you have time off, because we all know that’s not true!)

⭐️ there’s a new urgency to ensure that our finances are in order because there’s an extra person in the family

⭐️ any decision that we make to work less after our parental leave ends will result in a pay-gap and later a pension-gap. So it’s really important to plan for the financial consequences when making those decisions now.

Of course, she has solutions to offer. And she also recommends investing for our children now, not later: "They have a very long investing horizon,” she says, "so you can invest very risky because it’s such a long time - so I would just start right away.”

But, as they say in the airplane, remember to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others! By securing your own financial future, you are of course also helping your children, because you won’t be a financial burden on them later.

And of course, talk to your partner and make sure you are on the same page 💕

Astrid’s full podcast is here:

What are you doing to prepare for the time after your parental leave when it comes to finances? How have you and your partner addressed the pay-gap and pension-gap of the parent who is taking on more care work?

Speaker: Astrid Zehbe, Editor in Chief, finanzielle Magazin

Interviewer: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier - Founder MyCollective

Music: sponsored by Michael Kadelbach

Picture: Markus Witte / Astrid Zehbe

Graphic & Production: MyCollective

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