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#20 Job Sharing - Driving Culture Change in Tandem with Dr. Nina Gillmann

Job sharing seems to be the ideal solution to combine career and family. So why do people still hesitate? Today, we speak to Dr. Nina Gillmann to find out more.

Since Nina Gillmann moved back to Germany from the States and saw that "management in Germany looked very white and very male” by comparison, she’s been on a mission to diversify our workplaces. So she set up TWISE - Twice Wise - an agency that creates job-sharing partnerships for people who want to work part-time in high-powered, fulfilling jobs. The solution is to apply for those jobs in tandem with someone who has similar experience and skills.

“One company asked me, 'Frau Gillmann, can you explain why we fill any vacancy with one single person?’” Nina Gillmann remembers. It was a question that was meant to be ironic - but her honest answer was: “I don’t understand it - it makes no economic sense!”

As far as she’s concerned, working in tandem is a win-win for everyone. Companies attract more female talent in leadership positions, which translates to better performance. Parents can work in a position that is truly part-time but still give it their all. And companies get a much greater return than they would from one full-time staffer.

"You get the equivalent of 140 or even 150% productivity back,” she says. “When two people have the same interests, they trust each other and they have no fear - this is where the synergies happen in a tandem. And that’s where we are arguing it goes from 120% productivity to maybe even 150. So it’s an economic no-brainer.”

I could go on and on quoting the things that Nina said in this podcast - she said so many insightful and game-changing things that I wanted to write them all down! Instead, I encourage you to just listen to the whole conversation -

Although I will leave you with this: "Tandems lead to more women. Women make companies more successful. It’s just a very simple equation.” 💃🏾

Have you ever applied for a job in tandem - or hired a tandem team to take on a post? What was your experience?

Speaker: Dr. Nina Gillmann, Founder and CEO @TWISE

Interviewer: Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier - Founder @MyCollective

Music: sponsored by @Michaelkadelbach

Picture: Michael Kleinespel / Dr. Nina Gillmann

Graphic & Production: MyCollective

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