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how to start your pilot

Selection of your top talent in your company

  • Who want to go for a career and have just assumed leadership responsibility 

  • Who you see as potential leaders in your company


participants journey
  • Anna & Jan are top talents going to take parental leave

  • Their company nominated  them for the MyCollective Leadership program 


  • They've got a full onboarding process and access to the MyCollective community and APP

  • MyCollective guide their leave and keep micro-nudging on track

Image by Headway
  • Biweekly they have their trainings and impulses with the group

  • During this time they are constantly in touch with the community, their company, new businesses, impulses and business topics

Image by Daria Pimkina
  • With their 2x 1:1 elevator pitch training Anna & Jan get prepared for re-entering the company

  • With completing the training Anna & Jan, they keep evergreen access to the MyCollective platform, community, events, impulses and startup mentoring

Anna and Jan return to their company empowered, inspired and connected through the industry.  They also get the capability for internal mentoring