About our founder story and why Ricarda started MyCollective

Hi, I am Ricarda, founder of MyCollective. I set up the business during my own parental leave with our third child. The first two kids were born in India, where I lived and worked for seven years with my family, setting up a an institution for responsible business for GIZ. Number 3 came along we were back in Germany and I was back in a corporate setting, the corporate strategy of Siemens in Munich. It seemed to be common practice to take a year's parental leave. I simply copied my colleagues and took parental leave.

One morning, when walking with my baby and a coffee to go through the streets of Munich, I was amazed how much human capital there is walking through this city at 10am! Most parents (including me) love the time with their children, but are intellectually completely underchallenged. If you now add the business perspective to that - companies are loosing their talents during the family creation time and face increasing pressure to have more diverse tams, also in the management levels.

There we go. This is where the idea of MyCollective was born.

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