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Führen in Teilzeit: So wird deine Elternzeit zum Karrierebooster

It’s time to remove the stigma from working part time!

In fact, let’s go ahead and put “part-time stigma” into the same trash-can where the German concept of “Rabenmutter" (bad moms!) belongs too, as well as the continued prejudice that you can’t have it both “family & career”.

This is what Johanna Fink and I discussed in a conversation about innovative & fluid work models for her podcast “Führen in Teilzeit” (“Leadership in part-time positions”) ❤️🎧 As a business-coach and trainer, Johanna works with businesses and their young leaders to develop part-time solutions that benefit everyone. It’s something that’s important to us at MyCollective too, so I was really inspired by our conversation.

What I think this is all about - isn’t just finding the right kind of work model for you, but to hit all three points on what I think of as a kind of magic triangle △✨

🍼 a care model that works for you and your family;

🤯 a mental load solution to divide the family tasks between everyone on your team at home, so that you’re not carrying it on your own; and

👩🏼‍💻 a work model that allows you to achieve your career goals while also having a life.

I firmly believe that it’s a model that would make all of us happier and more successful at living life - not just working parents 🌻

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