Prof. Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner

Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance at Technische Universität München

The concept of MyCollective starts at a point, where companies often lose women from or for leadership positions - during the time of starting a family. This is where women need to be supported and companies continue to invest in them."

Prof. Susanne Porsche

German Film- und TV Entrepreneur and Investor

"Parental leave should not mean the end of your career - afterwards it really starts! MyCollective supports women to resume their career path after maternity leave, well coached and inspired."  

Annette Heuser

CEO at Beisheim Foundation

„The potential of women on parental leave is one of the ‘treasures’ that is absolutely essential for a successful German economy. MyCollective addresses this idea and links, supports and coaches women who are in the process of career development or who are reinventing themselves professionally.”


Sohaila Ouffata

Director of Platform BMW i Ventures, CEO at BMW i Ventures GmbH

"MyCollective is a great platform that allows female leaders to meet, exchange and inspire each other. To me, this is what future-oriented leadership is about - supporting female talents within an organization at all stages of their life. Leveraging and nurturing a diverse talent pool within an organization is key in today's war of talents" 


Finja Carolin Kütz

Group Transformation Officer / Deputy COO / Senior Executive Vice President at UniCredit

„Many women experience their maternity leave(s) as career killers. Often they are not encouraged to continue striving; sometimes they lack the courage themselves, especially since there are still few role models. Together with MyCollective we can change that.“

Saskia Bruysten 

Co-Founder & CEO at Yunus Social Business

"We can successfully implement many of our parenting skills in the leadership environment. As parents we learn being empathic. This skill you need in leadership to care for your team, holding their back and make sure the team is safe. Just then, they can work effectively. MyCollective transfer these essential skills into leadership skills."

Dr. Isabell M. Welpe 

Professor of Strategy and Organisation at Technische Universität München

"MyCollective gives diversity in the leadership of our industry a push and at the same time introduces the idea of impact oriented entrepreneurship - the kind of female leaders we need!"