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Welcome at MyCollective

we are changing the narrative
of parental leave

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We empower companies to cultivate a family-friendly workplace culture, enhancing talent retention, attracting new skills, and achieving diversity goals. Simultaneously, we assist parents in seamlessly reentering the workforce by translating parenting skills into business skills.

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Parents remain a largely untapped resource in addressing the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.


of those who resigned after parental leave did so due to inadequate compatibility of family and work.


Of employees dissatisfied with the compatibility of family and work consider changing their employer within the next 3-5 years.


of women hesitate or hesitated to pursue a career with children.


million positions for skilled professionals remained unfilled in Germany in 2023


of all employed individuals in Germany are (potential) parents.


billion euros in potential value creation are lost.

Are you ready to change the narrative?

for companies   

Achieving diversity goals with 
employer branding as family friendly company

Higher talent retention among parental leavers through staying in contact

Professional guidance to optimize parental leave management

for parents

Connect with likeminded parents to learn from each other 

Gaining a new skill set through live trainings and impulses

Achieve life and career goals with the help of individual  track

customer voices

“MyCollective is simply said a booster: You start as a hormon drunk but sleep deprived fresh mom and end as a societal change maker. If you’ve been a change maker already, even better: MyCollective gifts you inspirational role models, allies, sisters, smart working moms: like-minded women to conquer the world with.”

Sustainability Spokesperson, Volkswagen AG

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