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we are

changing the narrative of parental leave 

by transforming parenting skills into business skills for a smooth reentry to work 

We help parents grow through individual guidance in their new parental role & on their career track

our clients

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leveraging parental leave as
an opportunity for a more
parent friendly
work culture

to retain talents & achieve diversity goals


all in one app 


We connect parental leavers to build a strong community.

finding allies to stay on the career track


We empower by

converting parenting skills

into business skills.

a new skillset


We inspire with

role models on how to manage job & family

the narrative

our approach 

customer voices

“MyCollective is simply said a booster: You start as a hormon drunk but sleep deprived fresh mom and end as a societal change maker. If you’ve been a change maker already, even better: MyCollective gifts you inspirational role models, allies, sisters, smart working moms: like-minded women to conquer the world with.”

Sustainability Spokesperson, Volkswagen AG

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